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About Me

About me

15+ years experience in social/casual games for mobile, web and PC, leading small and large teams.

Cohesive team worker with strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Hands on manager with a passion for video games. Strong understanding of all aspects of game development, design, art and business.

I like to see a game not just as interactive software, to me it is fundamentally art conveyed through the user with fun and smooth mechanics. Materializing that vision into something tangible is what I love the most.

Especially doing that while working with a great team. I like to be a combative leader, sharing the front row with a clear vision of the path. I started building games for PC, then social and casual games for browsers and then mobile. Now when I build a game I always keep a cross-platform mentality.


Mana Point - Dragginz

Co-Founder and CEO - Mana Point

2022 - Present, Globally Distributed

Working with an amazing distributed team and the creators of Neopets on a Web3 game.

Dragginz is a 3D MMORPG set on a unique planet, featuring creature-raising, exploration, and skill development in alchemy, gardening, and cooking.

It operates as a hybrid DAO, focusing on community contributions and reinvestment over profit, supported by a native token DKP.

The game promises free access, community ownership, and rewards for player contributions without compromising gameplay for profit.

Built on the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain for scalability and performance, Dragginz aims for decentralized governance through an on-chain Service Nervous System (SNS).

The development team includes veterans from Neopets, Scopely, Meteor Games, Disney, PierPlay and more, spread across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Scopely - Monopoly GO

Vice President of Studio - Scopely

2020 - 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Leading the creative and technical development of Monopoly GO, transforming the classic board game into a mobile gaming sensation.

Monopoly GO brings innovative gameplay mechanics and social interaction with real-world and fictional landmarks, offering a fresh and engaging experience to players worldwide.

Collaborated closely with Hasbro to maintain the essence of Monopoly while introducing new, dynamic elements to the game.

Managed the creation from the ground up with a diverse, global team of developers, artists, and game designers to deliver high-quality content and engaging features.

PierPlay - Scrabble GO

Co-Founder and CEO - PierPlay

2016 - 2020, Los Angeles, CA

Founded PierPlay, the studio behind Scrabble GO, reimagining the classic word game for the digital age.

Scrabble GO combines the traditional game of Scrabble with unique features such as customizable tiles, power-ups, and real-time competitive leagues.

Implemented a player-centric design philosophy, focusing on accessibility, engagement, and community-building features.

Worked on establishing partnerships with educational institutions to promote learning and literacy through gameplay.

PierPlay was then acquired by Scopely in 2020.

Playtika - Bingo Blitz

Senior Director of Technology - Playtika

2012 - 2016, Los Angeles, CA

Oversaw the technological strategy and development of Bingo Blitz, leading the game to become one of the top-grossing bingo games on mobile platforms.

Implemented innovative game features, such as live multiplayer bingo rooms, themed collections, and daily tournaments, enhancing player engagement and retention.

Led a team of engineers, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Contributed to the expansion of Playtika's technological initiatives and collaborations across the company's global studios.

Tuxedo Games - Pocket Worlds

Co-Founder - Tuxedo Games

Tuxedo Games is focused on creating fun and educational games for kids, with Pocket Worlds being a notable example.

These games are designed to be engaging through light-hearted art, animations, top-quality music, and voiceovers, aimed at providing an enjoyable playtime experience for children.

Pocket Worlds includes a variety of activities that cover basics like shapes, colors, and numbers, along with logic-based games such as size ordering, sorting, and memory challenges.

The games are intended to be both fun and educational, with features and new worlds being added to expand the experience.

Gamojo - Universal Battle 2

Founder - Gamojo

Established Gamojo, dedicating to crafting strategic and engaging multiplayer experiences with Universal Battle 2.

Universal Battle 2 is an online strategy game that simulates tabletop battles, allowing players to create and customize armies, engage in battles across diverse terrains, and participate in tournaments.

Focused on creating a robust online community, supporting user-generated content, and providing tools for customizing gameplay.

The platform has hosted thousands of players and facilitated community-driven events, becoming a staple in the online strategy gaming niche.